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Do you want your screenplay to be
as professional and marketable as possible?

...Then get it analyzed by
a professional Studio Story Analyst.

For a screenplay to sell, it needs to be not only well written, but also structurally sound, as defined -- often confusingly -- by producers and studios.

Screenplay consultant Peter Mellencamp has worked for over twenty years as a studio story analyst, evaluating and discussing over 5,000 feature screenplays with production executives at all the major studios:

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Disney Studios
  • Twentieth Century-Fox
  • Universal Studios
  • MGM / UA
  • Columbia (Sony Studios)
  • Warner Brothers

He also worked for over a year as a script consultant for "STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION", during which time he analyzed more than 1,000 scripts for that show.

He taught "Story Analysis for Film and Television" at the AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE for five years.

He knows what goes into the kind of screenplays that producers and the studios are looking for.  He can help you craft your script into one of them.

Instead of just pointing out weaknesses, he can also offer concrete suggestions on how to improve your story line, structure, character arcs, etc., in order to increase your screenplay's quality and marketability.  And help you avoid the pitfalls common to so many scripts which are good -- but not good enough.

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[Peter Mellencamp is also a playwright]