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Peter Mellencamp's deliciously subtle play explores the ways in which our conflicting beliefs rub against each other until the world is raw.  The production is riveting, managing to convey complex philosophical questions in a direct, engaging way.
-- Jennifer Vanasco, Chicago Free Press

Peter Mellencamp has masterfully crafted a human story that sheds light on international conflicts rooted in geopolitics, ideology, philosophy and religion.  Go!  And enjoy!
-- Jan Sabelstrom, Chicago Tribune Metromix

A great adventure story, a sort of a 'Peer Gynt' of the East... in which humor is the great leveler, and nothing remains what it starts out to be.
-- Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times

A beautifully personal story of real and imagined characters caught up in the grand sweep of politics.
-- Tom Provenzano, L.A. Weekly (Pick of the Week)

Fascinating... a moving and memorable theater event.
-- Daryl Miller, Los Angeles Daily News

Peter Mellencamp's play "Struggling Truths," wondrously reincarnated at the Performance Network... is a gung-ho production, blazing with ideas and emotions.  Watching it once is a rich experience.  Watching it twice might be close to sublime.
-- Christopher Potter, The Ann Arbor News

Mellencamp has found neat, clever and deftly ironic ways of dramatizing the questions.  He has brought an epic sweep, as well as an intimate story, achieving an abstraction of emotion and intellect that encourages an audience to think.
-- Michael H. Margolin, The Detroit News

Mellencamp's thoughts about oppression and idealism resound long after the play ends.
-- Martin F. Kohn, The Detroit Free Press

Brilliant new play... entertaining and thought-provoking.
-- John Sousanis, The Oakland Press

Refreshingly unique... extremely funny and wise.
-- Jenny Jeltes, The Michigan Daily