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Our world may well be headed for disaster, due to the propensity of human beings to rely on their sense of moral certainty -- which is founded on a sense of historical certainty; which is in turn founded on a sense of certainty about the nature of reality.  STRUGGLING TRUTHS explores these levels of certainty, by delving into the political, ideological, and spiritual conflicts which resulted from the collision between Communism and Buddhism during the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1950s.  At the start of the play, a young Tibetan man becomes a Buddhist monk, and later chooses to fight the Communist invaders, despite his vows of non-violence.  His sister, after being abused by corrupt ruling-class Tibetans, joins with the Chinese People's Liberation Army when they invade Tibet.  Between the two siblings there is the Dalai Lama, thrust at a young age into the role of political and spiritual head of his nation, who must walk a tightrope of diplomacy as he tries to keep the Communists and the Buddhists from going to war.  The play is narrated by a mercurial, mischievous Buddhist guru, who casually reincarnates himself so that he can participate in the lives of the three major characters, orchestrating their stories to make sure they proceed in the right directions.  As the play progresses, tensions mount as the friction between the factions grows stronger.  Finally the three story lines collide, as the battle is joined -- Tibetans against Chinese, brother against sister -- and the Dalai Lama is forced to flee into exile.