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Service Description

You will receive a written analysis of your script's strengths and weaknesses.  Attention will be paid to the premise, story line, structure, characters, and dialogue.  The problems -- both overt and subtle -- are pointed out and commented on.

The overall structure of the story is analyzed, and as necessary, individual scenes and individual lines as well.  Concrete suggestions are made on ways to improve the script.

This analysis is similar to the type which studio story analysts write on projects which have been purchased for development by a studio.

The analysis is generally 8 to 12 single-spaced pages long.  After you read it, you are welcome to e-mail (or telephone) with any questions.

Click on Sample Analysis #1 and Sample Analysis #2 to see some selected paragraphs from actual analyses done for clients.

FEE:  $395

TO GET YOUR SCRIPT ANALYZED: please (or phone if you prefer), to ask about the current turn-around time (I can usually finish the work in a week to ten days, but sometimes I'm on a special assignment at a studio, in which case it could take much longer).

Then e-mail the script, in .pdf or Final Draft format.  And snail-mail a check for the fee (made out to Peter Mellencamp), because I am not set up to receive payments online.  I will give you the address.

The analysis will be e-mailed (or mailed) to you.  After you read the analysis, you are welcome to e-mail any questions, or telephone to discuss the analysis.