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Peter Mellencamp consulted on our script and gave us expert advice that was right on the money -- and saved us money!  He astutely analyzed the weak points regarding structure, character, and dialogue, and after reading Peter's clearer-than-day notes, we knew exactly what to re-write, to save us time and headaches.  He made our "ok" script "fabulous," and that's why it's being produced.

His grasp of classic screenplay structure is amazing, and he can pinpoint weaknesses in the central conflict and character progression, point out problems with non-dynamic characters and unclear or missing plot points -- and he can spot unclear or unreal dialogue a mile away.

He not only points out the error of your ways, but he does so with kindly -- and smart -- objective reasoning, based on his years of experience with screenplays and screenplay format.  If you don't want to waste time doing superfluous re-writes, if you want real help from a seasoned pro, call Peter.  On top of everything, he's great to work with, and will take time explaining his comments.

  -- Steve Longmuir, screenwriter  

Thank you so much for your comments.  They were really on target, and gave us a whole new perspective on the screenplay.  I can honestly say that your help was invaluable.

As a producer, I read a lot of scripts.  Your tips on what aspects to look for and where they should appear has saved me a lot of unnecessary reading.

I look forward to working with you again.  As you know, we are planning to have you analyze the story for our next project BEFORE the screenplay is written.  That way we can avoid numerous mistakes and save time and money.

  -- Jane Martin, President, Shooting Star Pictures  

I can't stress to you enough how happy and grateful I am with your detailed analysis of my screenplay!  Your constructive criticism and kind acknowledgements were just what I needed.  You were the voice of reason, and the experienced guide that I needed, in order to see the big picture of what I was attempting to convey for the screen.  I loved your advice, and I agree with all of your ideas.  You pointed out and explained the weaknesses and strengths in such a way that I almost feel stupid for not seeing it right in front of me the whole time!  It is a privilege and an honor to be your client, and I look forward to working with you on my next projects!

  -- Steve Shampine, screenwriter  

Thank you for your analysis of my screenplay, "Rites of Spring". Your analysis has been an invaluable tool for me. It was especially meaningful that you acknowledged and respected my writing style and technique, tailoring the analysis for me as the writer speaking to an audience. When all is said and done, we inevitably write for an audience, and you helped me immensely in seeing my story from that point of view. From the structure of my story to the dialogue of my characters, you were able to pinpoint the problems, both obvious and subtle. Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness made your analysis unmistakably one of the best decisions I made in the development of my script.

  -- Peter O'Rourke, screenwriter  

If you want to make your script the best it can be, then use Peter's service.  He does more than critique your script, he provides direction that will heighten your creativity and enable you to structure it to Hollywood's exacting standards.  I was completely satisfied with his very meaningful consultation.

  -- Jay Ragan, screenwriter  

I had been working for some time on a high-concept screenplay which I felt had a lot of good elements, but was still misfiring on a few levels.  Not only did Peter put his finger on the problems that were haunting the script, but he expressed those problems -- and his suggestions to fix them -- in clear, positive terms that were easy to understand and enjoyable to study.

Peter also gives you the invaluable, candid perspectives of a seasoned story analyst.  He knows how your script will be judged by readers, and he lets you know in no uncertain terms about trouble spots that will be picked up by studio and agency analysts.

  -- Hunter Ridgway, screenwriter, and
U.S. Congressional office Chief of Staff

Peter's clear and incisive intelligence has focused a lot of light on areas of my scripts which I could not clearly see. His many years of experience as a story analyst for the studios comes through in his carefully targeted comments. Peter is a tremendous resource.

  -- Roger Greenwald, screenwriter  

In addition to his unparalleled sense of structure and character, there is Peter's humility: on more than one occasion he has said "This is not my area of expertise but I'll give it my best shot," and then supplied a page and a half of brilliant ideas.

  -- Martin Blinder, screenwriter,
novelist, forensic psychiatrist, and
Past Adjunct Professor of Law,
University of California, San Francisco